SlackerTide Tee Bag

Who doesn't love a good Tee Bag?  This little package contains some choice goodies:

10 Customized SlackerTide Tees made from premium white birch hardwood. They have thicker shank for more more durability ( these puppies last a long time). Painted stripes for depth indication, and Slackertide "Birdie" logo printed in the cup.  Length - 2 3/4 Inch.

2 Custom Vice Drive Golf Balls printed with our Mastertide design

2 Stickers: One 3 inch "Holographic Birdie Logo" sticker and our "Double Bogey" sticker

All bundled together in a sexy little tee pouch.  

Get your hands on this package while it lasts. we only made a few, and once they're gone they're gone for good.



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